Organic, Pastured Meat and Eggs in Sheffield IL


June 12 delivery had to be moved to June 19

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Text or call with questions 815-303-6223

If you would like to place an order please use the STORE tab above.

We have been doing our best to fill orders for 1/4's and 1/2 beef. There is a wait time please contact Jeremy 815-303-6223 to get more details.

Pork 1/2s sold out.

Whole Chicken are available.

Whole turkey and pieces available.

Beef available.

Eggs we will have a decent supply every month

Meadow Haven is a family run farm, our goal is for our farm to become OUR farm. Not just us, but our family and yours. Because we can't achieve our goals of a real sustainable organic farm without you.

Our farm is managed by Cherie and Jeremy but supported by a family of good help that make it possible to supply you with great food. As strong advocates of organic and sustainable farming, we put our beliefs to work at the farm, creating an environment which promotes healthy animals which do not need antibiotics and pastures that do not need chemicals.

We provide you with the highest quality, nutrient-dense food possible.   We raise free-range chicken and turkey raised on our certified organic pastures, certified organic pastured pork, eggs, and natural 100% grass-fed beef.


Thank you for your commitment to sustainable meat.


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