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Posted 3/3/2020 11:34am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

I'm going to try and tackle a big idea, climate change. What can we do about it? One option would be go off grid and off carbon sourced fuels. Others might say we need to plant more trees. Stop eating meat. There are almost as many ideas as there are people. 

So since you didn't ask here are my thoughts.

Vote: with your food dollar. Wendel Berry has said, that every time you eat,  that is how you choose to farm for that meal. Even this idea can be quite polarizing but the way you choose to farm for each meal can make a significant difference.

Fractal Geometry. My favorite speaker in the world of organic farming/ human health was Jerry Brunetti. In one of his talks he brings up the idea of fractal geometry. He Explains it like this; the coast of Maine is 228 miles long when measured point to point or in a straight line. But if a person were to walk that distance and stay right along the shore, the distance is 3478 miles. Then he said imagine the distance a mouse might travel on the same coastline if it were never a bodies length from water. The distance might be 10,000 plus miles.

Or take this tree for instance. It is in our front yard, Diameter at the base about 5 feet. So the surface area of the trunk would be about 20 square feet. What would the surface area of the tree itself be? And the number will be exponentially more when the leaves come out. Now double that to account for under ground surface area as well. 

So that is why people suggest trees as a solution. It isn't limited to trees, it is life. If you've been reading these newsletters for a while I've said it another way Life's offspring is Life. Life is fragile though it needs to be taken care of and nurtured. For sure not abused simply because we cannot see the effects immediately.

There are other examples of fractal geometry on the farm. Ruminate livestock, cattle, goats and sheep all have a rumen that uses this fractal geometry to create almost infinite out of the finite. The rumen of a large cow may hold 50 gallons, but the surface area on the inside uses fractal geometry to make the area unmeasurable. Where the micro-biome population is greater than people living on planet earth. This also the ruminate to utilize cellulose (forage) and turn it into usable energy to sustain life. This is the main reason a vegan lifestyle is not the answer. 

The earthworm even with its very simple digestive tract also uses the principles of rumination on the thatch it digests. It pastes on the walls of its tunnels before consuming the fermented cellulose a few days later. 

The plant life, the animal life and the soil life all have this element of fractal geometry they unitize to make the nearly infinite out of the finite. Each on benefiting and promoting the other tow areas of life as they thrive. Nature and its design already have the answer for the climate change.  The question is will mankind figure it out in time?

Whew that was a lot.

SPRING is teasing us here in the farm. My mind says it won't last but my heart is soaking up the foreshadowing of the season that is coming.

Some of the goats are looking like they will kid soon. Close enough the girls check them when they get up and when they come home from school to see if there any new babies. None so far. Elijah is still wanting a milk cow so we may add one soon.

There are times when the rye seeded last fall is really turning green which is good as the hay supply is quickly going down. Some of the garden seeds I've ordered have been delivered. There is life in every seed and that promise makes an optimist smile. I am better at starting things than finishing so there may be opportunity for a U-Pick with some of our garden this year. We will keep you updated. My plan is also to offer some produce this year if the weather is more cooperative than last year.

Part of why I am not as good at harvesting the food is I plant in the garden as I'm waiting for the right conditions to plant the corn and soybeans. After those are planted life can get very busy.

Monthly specials:

We processed a young bull that had never been handled (castrated) because the pasture he was born on didn't have handling facilities and he was quite wild. He did make very good ground beef and a lot of it so with our freezer capacity less we have a sale on ground beef it is $5 per pound and I don't think it will last long as that is a very good price.

We have plenty of pork still with the sampler still just $100. I will get some feeder pigs soon but that has not happened yet so there may be a time this summer where our pork will be limited.

Chickens will be available this summer I'll aim to have them available for the July delivery. Which will allow the kids to help in feeding and taking care of them. My plan would be that you could preorder them and that would give us an idea of how many to raise. It will also mean you will take them at delivery unless other arrangements are made.

Turkeys there are whispers of possibly doing a batch. Maybe not sure.

Eggs, we are low on hens. And the ones we have are not laying many beyond what we use. So no eggs sorry. I've asked about getting more pullets but have not heard from our supplier.

If you have an order and want to change it just make a note in the checkout section.

Thank you for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF

I'll try and update what the kids projects will entail for this coming growing season.







Posted 2/5/2020 1:57pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Winter has been much easier to live through and take care of livestock in 2020 vs 2019. There even have been some days that are a reminder of the growing season on the horizon.

There will be a delivery this weekend in the Chicago suburb area, please place your orders soon if you are needing any meat. It looks as though we will not have any eggs for this delivery sorry.

I will start working on our preview for 2020 and will plan on laying out the year in the March newsletter.

Thank you for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF

Posted 12/9/2019 9:15am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Harvest is complete. Field work for next year has been progressing as the weather allows. We have been applying chicken litter as fertilizer for next year and some of the fields we are also planting rye as a cover crop for spring. 

We are going to run some pretty good specials this month. Mostly on pork as that is what we have the most of. For the past year our walk-in freezer has been giving us trouble. Enough trouble we are going to shut it down. We have purchased some chest freezers to take the place but they will hold less. When we first started selling meat chest freezers worked just fine. So we purchased a used walk-in freezer. It was a smaller one and eventually we out grew it. Thinking back on the juggling we did when it was so full I was the only person that could moved around in there to find anything. We decided to get a medium sized walk-in freezer and used the smaller freezer as a cooler. They both have deprecated to the point where maintaining them has become too expensive. 

So our specials this month:

Buy any 3 of the same pork items get the fourth free. 

Whole hog $2/ pound hanging weight plus processing. Processing is about $225 for a whole.  

Pork sampler $100 save $40

4 pork chop, 1 shoulder roast, 1 fresh ham roast, 4 bacon, 2 sausage, 1 italian sausage, italian sausage link

Whole Duck $30


The weather has been a major challenge for the past twelve months. One of the outcomes has been a relearning and strengthening of the idea that  “The Lord will provide.” I won’t go into this too much as I have probably already have turned some people off. As I live out my faith and the struggles that will entail I am also learning it is ok to share the struggles and failures with my family and through sharing they can see the truth lived out that the Lord will provide. 

We didn't move, we didn't quit, although both were discussed. I'm sure 2020 will have its own challenges and rewards. The next newsletter will share about some of our goals for the next season.
Thank you for making our farm your farm,
Jeremy Cherie and the rest of Meadow Haven Farm
Posted 11/7/2019 12:02pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

I'm late getting this out. We are harvesting.

There will be  a delivery this sat for Elgin, Arlington Heights, and Downers Grove.

December 14 will be the next 


February 8 will be the first of 2020

As most of you know we did not raise any turkeys this year, and with the rain we had the farmers were thankful, as it makes taking care of them much more difficult.

We did process some ducks, today in fact I will have them with on the delivery and will be available, just ask me.

Eggs are low again and available by the dozen.

Have a good Thanksgiving,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF

Posted 9/11/2019 9:07am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

September 11, 2001 what a day. There are no words.

Today 2019, what are we doing in our world now on a personal level? Are our daily efforts healing our communities or driving them further apart?

There will be a delivery this Saturday the 14th. 

If you would like something this month please order through the store on the website.

I'm not sure if harvest will allow a delivery in October I will let you know in the next email. November 9th there will be date in November.

Make the world better today,


Posted 7/29/2019 10:14pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Well it is shaping up to be an average year. Since Thanksgiving of 2018 it has been:



Extremely cold and snowy

Wet and cool

Now hot and dry.

Put it all together and it looks like an average year that we will never forget. The extremes when put together come out as average but it makes it hard on the farmer, the animals and the soil.

Some of the advantages our management has benefited us during the extremes are:

Less erosion, Less ponding of water, better water holding capacity, cover crops have grown really well with the rain and have been harvested as hay or seed for next year, are some of the many benefits I've seen.

So this year for sure has had many challenges but the system we are using has helped soften the blow of these extremes. We had hoped to offer some food from our extra big "garden" but we picked a new spot this year closer to the house but it has a lot of issues with excess water. As of right now we will probably only have potatoes to offer. We shall see right now we are learning not to count our chicks before they hatch when it come to gardening.

The delivery will be this Saturday August 3 in Elgin, Downer Grove and Arlington Heights. Please place your order on the website 


1/2 pork is a great deal, lots of great pork for around $400 80-100 pounds in your freezer.

Pork sampler 4 pork chops, 4 shoulder steaks (Cherie's favorite), 4 pounds breakfast sausage, 2 pounds Italian links, 2 pounds Bratwurst, and one package of bacon. For $100 save $25

We look forward to seeing you. And as always we appreciate you, thank you for supporting our farm.

Jeremy, Cherie and family

Posted 5/8/2019 8:14am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

We had some more rain last night, and it is cool outside, that is probably why I'm at the computer. That and there is a delivery this coming Saturday. So if you are wanting to get some delicious meat for the grill or oven please place your order is the store section of

Remember the new times for each delivery.

Elgin 9-9:30

Arlington Heights 10:15-10:45

Downers Grove 11:3-noon

We have been getting a few pullet eggs lately. Those are the first eggs from the new hens. Young female chickens are called pullets. I won't know how many eggs there are until Friday evening when the eggs washing is done but we will have more eggs than last time.

If you liked the beef special last month you are in luck. And if you missed it now is your chance. 

Beef Box Special: 3 sirloin steaks, 2 beef roasts, 2 NY Strip steaks for $60

Also Grill box special: 4 packs of pork chops/shoulder steaks, 2 ground beef, 2ribeye or NY strip.

Also the price of a whole hog is dropping from $3 per pound hanging weight to $2.50 per pound. Saving about 100 dollars available in June and July. Now is the time to fill your freezer with the best pork.

Next delivery is JUNE 15 it is the the third Saturday

We are trying something different on our farm this summer and we may have a select offering of vegetables and produce. More to come on that.

Check out the pictures on intagram and facebook. 

Thank you for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie, and the rest of MHF




Posted 4/5/2019 9:49am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

SPRING is here! It sure seemed like that winter was a double dose. We are through it now and actually have turned the corner to green and soon flowers.

The field that were planted to rye last fall made it through and are starting to green up nicely. After a long winter I am always reminded why my favorite color is green. Since it is warming up and drying out we have been in the fields planting. Some fields we are adding clover and alfalfa to rye=, others we are planting cover cops of peas and oats they are a pre-crop before the field is planted to corn. My dad is also transitioning a field that was going to be planted rye last fall but it was too cold and wet after harvest so this spring we planted it to peas, red clover, alfalfa, and annual rye grass. This will be for forage for the cattle.  We may also keep some of the peas for seed for more transitioning acres.

This past February our whole family went to the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service Conference in LaCrosse Wis. I want to start the foundation of think like an organic farmer with our kids. It was good. There were some boring parts for the kids. But I have told them I can teach you two things in this life, how to work hard and how to raise good food. 

So everyone in the family has a summer project in the garden and or with goats/pigs etc. There is usually more learning than success the first couple years of trying new things but it is possible we will have other products to offer this summer/fall.

I have updated the times for deliveries again. it will allow me to leave the last delivery by Noon. This should allow me to still get some work done on the Saturday of the delivery if I need. Hopefully this will prevent us from having to cancel deliveries because I am not available to drive a truck. 

The website has been Changed on the delivery site time and calendar.

Elgin 9-9:30am

Arlington Heights 10:15-10:45am

Downers Grove 11:30-12 noon

SPECIALS for April 

Beef box 3 sirloin steaks, 2 roasts, 1pkg. (2)Ny strips for $60 save $25

or a Double beef box and save $60 total is $110

Grill box 4 total packs of Pork Chops/ Shoulder steaks 2 ground beef 2 pack of ribeye/ny strip for $100 save $25

We will have some eggs there will likely be a limit on how many can be purchased.

NOTES SECTION of checkout is where to add beef box and eggs to have them included in your order.

Thank you for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF



Posted 3/5/2019 10:51am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the ice house,

I'm ready for spring. I think everyone else is too. I've had some calves born and they are doing pretty well even with the cold.

I'll have a larger newsletter soon.

But there is a delivery this weekend 

Elgin time 9-9:30

Arlington 10:30-11:15

Downers Grove 1-1:30

If you can get your in by Thursday that would be great.

If there is something you are wanting and it is out stock we may have it just out it in the notes section of the checkout and we will add it I it is in our freezer. Sometimes computer inventory is the last thing to get updated.



Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF

Posted 2/8/2019 7:41pm by Jeremy House.


Just a quick update.

February 16th will be the next delivery as long as the weather permits. I have been thinking of shortening up the time we are at each delivery location. So for the Downers Grove the delivery time will be from 1:00 to 1:30 Let me know if this will be a problem and we can figure something out.

After December winter stopped goofing of and decided to let us have a good dose of what winter could be like. The town that the tv station is in set an all time low of -33. Then a few day later we had more mud than I care for, and now back to bitter cold and wind.

It makes life a challenge. It also makes the good days more special.

Thank you for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF