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December Newsletter

Posted 12/9/2019 9:15am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Harvest is complete. Field work for next year has been progressing as the weather allows. We have been applying chicken litter as fertilizer for next year and some of the fields we are also planting rye as a cover crop for spring. 

We are going to run some pretty good specials this month. Mostly on pork as that is what we have the most of. For the past year our walk-in freezer has been giving us trouble. Enough trouble we are going to shut it down. We have purchased some chest freezers to take the place but they will hold less. When we first started selling meat chest freezers worked just fine. So we purchased a used walk-in freezer. It was a smaller one and eventually we out grew it. Thinking back on the juggling we did when it was so full I was the only person that could moved around in there to find anything. We decided to get a medium sized walk-in freezer and used the smaller freezer as a cooler. They both have deprecated to the point where maintaining them has become too expensive. 

So our specials this month:

Buy any 3 of the same pork items get the fourth free. 

Whole hog $2/ pound hanging weight plus processing. Processing is about $225 for a whole.  

Pork sampler $100 save $40

4 pork chop, 1 shoulder roast, 1 fresh ham roast, 4 bacon, 2 sausage, 1 italian sausage, italian sausage link

Whole Duck $30


The weather has been a major challenge for the past twelve months. One of the outcomes has been a relearning and strengthening of the idea that  “The Lord will provide.” I won’t go into this too much as I have probably already have turned some people off. As I live out my faith and the struggles that will entail I am also learning it is ok to share the struggles and failures with my family and through sharing they can see the truth lived out that the Lord will provide. 

We didn't move, we didn't quit, although both were discussed. I'm sure 2020 will have its own challenges and rewards. The next newsletter will share about some of our goals for the next season.
Thank you for making our farm your farm,
Jeremy Cherie and the rest of Meadow Haven Farm