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august newsletter and specials

Posted 8/10/2016 8:59am by Jeremy House.

Another Month is upon us,

A few reminders

CSA sign-up for August -October is now open

The Field Day is September 17th.

You can order your Thanksgiving Turkey now

A special Thank You! to Cherie and the rest of the people that keep the farm running. Elijah and I were at camp last week and everyone did a great job while we were away. After a week of eating food from a sysco truck I appreciate Meadow Haven Farm food even more. At camp I would eat till i was stuffed but never felt full. Good food satiates my tummy and for that I am thankful. 

The small grain harvest is finally finished and the pasture seeding that was planted with the small grain look great. The wet weather, both rain and high humidity, made for smaller harvest windows. The new, to Dad, draper header (there is a video on the farm's facebook) really helped speed things up when conditions were good enough. I will have some oats for sale in the future and possibly some soft red winter wheat. Two kinds oats will be available. One is called beta-gene where through natural breeding the oat is about 2% higher in beta-glucan than regular oats think heart healthy. The other is a hull-less oat that doesn't have to be hulled and can be used straight from harvest. I may have some cleaned and bagged for next months delivery.

This summer the growing season started off kinda of dry but since the middle of June has been on the wet side. I don't grumble about mud too much during June, July and August. so with adequate moisture and warm temps things have really been growing. The corn looks really good. The dry beans need to be weeded but look good as well. If you would like to help weed the beans let us know through email or call Jeremy 815-303-6223. We haven't set any times due to weather  both heat and rain. I bet you'd get a great lunch with the worlds best pie for your effort.

One area where we could use some help, and have been praying for for sometime, is we could use some good help with the marketing and delivery. We have known from the beginning that the farm was a full time job and the marketing/delivery was another full time job. As the farm has gotten bigger the need has intensified. So if you or someone you know likes hard work on the farm let us know. Alan and Jeanne taught us so much about farming in a way that we give back more than we take. They also helped grow the farm to what it has become. We now want to be able to do some of the same things for someone else.

Requirements for the job:

Share our belief for how good food is produced

Good worker 

Someone who is able to learn quickly

Passionate about food that is healthy

Place orders throught the website meadowhavenfarm.com                                    Specials this month:

Hotdogs $9/pack

Turkey Italian Sausage $12/ Pack

Turkey Breakfast sausage Link $12/pack

Ground Turkey $10/pound

Deliveries may be a little jumbled up for the midweek deliveries due to Jeremy's softball schedule. Bloomington/ Peoria will be 8-8-16 instead of today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The layer flock out one evening

Thanks so much for being a part of the farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of Meadow Haven