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December Abbreviated Newsletter

Posted 12/7/2016 9:43am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,


This will be a short newsletter as we have been busy and honestly I'm not great about doing computer stuff.

There is still time to place an order for this Saturday's delivery in Elgin, Arlington Heights, and Downers Grove if this applies to you. Order at meadowhvenfarm.com on the store tab.

Harvest has wrapped up. Chores have gotten tougher with the mud and cold. I will clean some black beans for Cherie's deliveries this weekend, she will have what I get cleaned with her.

We are a little short on beef and out of ground beef. Should be ok on pork except bacon. The locker and I still haven't been able figure out how to work together smoothly yet, new ownership at the locker almost two years ago.

For the most part I've been very happy with how the farm is progressing in terms of soil health and yields. I still have things to work on like controlling weeds and grazing pastures when they are ready. While marketing has me drained.

I have been working on a year end summary in my head and sometime soon it will make you inbox.

Thanks for helping your farm grow,


Here are some good pictures,