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September specials

Posted 9/7/2016 11:14am by Jeremy House.

Howdy again,

We had a very nice time as a family and now with being gone in the middle of the year it is time to hit the ground running.

Monthly deliveries will be as follows:

Elgin, Arlington Heights, Downers Grove this Saturday the 10th

Bloomington, Peoria Monday the 12th

Quad Cities Tuesday the 13th

Please get your orders in as soon as possible. meadowhavenfarm.com

Saturday 9-17-16 FARM FIELD DAY 11am-3pm Tickets available on the store page.

The summer growing season is coming to an end with the last of the heat likely gone this week. Now the fall growing season will get underway. The grasses in pastures will make one last flush of green growth for the year. Soon it will be time to plant the winter wheat, trititcale and rye. Harvest is just around the corner as well.

So we will be busy getting the farm ready for visitors finishing up weeding and also building fence.

As far as the position on the farm; the person we are looking for is someone who is interested in a full time job. It will be about 75% marketing and delivery with 25% farm work. We are looking for someone or a couple that would one day be partners with Cherie and I. One of the hang ups is that farming is a business that is cash poor, after the bills are paid. Long term however it is equity strong. It just takes a while to get there.


Case of eggs flats $50

Case of Eggs carton $60

Turkey is still on sale $2 off per pound

Order you Thanksgiving turkey too.

if you ordered before the prices were lower on the eggs just let us know and we will adjust you payment at pickup.



Thanks for being a part of our farm.


Jeremy and Cherie