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The most important thing we raise.

Posted 3/9/2017 9:35pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

This newsletter has been on my mind for some time. We will see how it translates to a screen.

Last month I asked what is the most important thing we raise on the farm? The answer is our family. I know it is the most important thing in your life too. Your family and their health. 

You also know that we have been looking for the right help to join us on the farm. Well as of right now we have not found them. With a new growing season upon us we have decided to make some changes. I (Jeremy) won't b doing the Green City Market once it moves back outdoors in May. Eight years is long enough I guess. Around 40 Saturdays a year. There were too many things not getting done the right way and the farm was not flourishing the way it should.

We will still have plenty of cattle and likely hogs, although they may be marketed to a more wholesale customer, like 1/2's and wholes. We wont raise as many meat chickens and we have fewer laying hens this year. Cherie and Barb will still be doing the Downers Grove, Elgin, and Arlington Heights second Saturday delivery. My deliveries to Bloomington and the Quad Cities won't Change for now.

I can see before the problem arises, the result of not getting something done all the way or done correctly on the farm. Might be a problem with the electric fence or weeds going to seed and i know I will have to just deal with it later.  As the kids are getting older they are able to help more on the farm. Nearly every week they get to be part of the egg washing crew, without a choice, and iI love that they are learning to work. But the marketing and delivery the way we have been doing them is compromising the time we need to spend as parents.

The market still remains good for commodities such as corn, soybeans, and black beans so we will help meet those demands by the market place. I am interested in raising food rather than commodities so we will move in that direction. Livestock is part of the way I understand the organic system to work, so they will always be a part of what we do. Who knows I even told my Dad I missed the milk cows the other day.  

We would love to stay your farmer. But if the changes that come about make it impossible find another good farmer and support them 100%

For Saturday's delivery try to get your order in before 9am. tomorrow so Cherie and Angie can get it packed.

If you need Azomite make sure and order it.

Place orders on the store tab on the website meadowhavenfarm.com

If you are a Green City Market customer I"ll be at the museum through April. We possibly will do a monthly delivery at Chicago Primal Gym depending on the interest.

Thanks from the farm,

Jeremy and Cherie