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Posted 3/6/2018 8:10pm by Jeremy House.
Howdy from the farm,

Welcome to March, the bridge between the last of winter and the first of spring. Now we wait while the world turns green and comes to life. Somedays we have to look for the signs of spring harder than on others.

With the February delivery being cancelled to Elgin, Arlington Heights and Downers Grove if your order has not changed we will have what you ordered at this delivery. If there are changes or other arrangements please let us know.

I have updated the inventory for the store so it should be accurate. The hens are liking the warmer weather and the egg production has been increasing. I am hoping to be able to meet all the orders this delivery but please understand I am an optimistic farmer.

Thank you for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF
Posted 2/3/2018 8:27pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Grey days, although February is a short month I find myself looking to the horizon for spring.

Like this picture a little bit of light surrounded by grey. March will soon be here as will the mud that comes with. But, in March the daylight increases by 1 hour 24 minutes and the average daily high temperature increases 14 degrees. So there is light and there is hope but we have some plodding to do.

One upside is that I have my chores fairly consolidated so it is easier than past years to take care of the animals. So I have caught up on family time and rest. The downside is the paper work is trying to fill in the void. Things that need to be done but once they are done I haven't really achieved anything. So I have been trying to remind myself to get it done now while the days are grey rather than when the sun is shining and real work could be done rather than to meet some paperwork deadline.

I do temper some of the boring paper work with planning out the 2018 growing season. Figuring what crops will be planted in each field and then make a backup plan in the event the weather necessitates the first plan is changed.

Another upside is that the really hard cold should be behind us. There was a stretch tin he beginning of January that 10 out of 11 days had low temperatures below zero. The cold makes watering the animals much more of a challenge. The focus during that time is to maintain the animals rather than have them gain. During the extreme cold the hens were for the most part fine although many of the eggs frozen and cracked. Water was much more difficult as the water quickly froze as a result their production dropped. It has been coming back but that is always a slow process as all waiting is.

So it is with this time of year, in the grey days of winter looking off to the horizon to the promise of spring. The thought of green and new life can be what keeps us going but it is important to be thankful for all the blessing known or unrealized we have.

Changing gears a little bit if the thought of planning fields and green has turned your mind to gardening we will have more to offer in the area of soil fertility. We will still have azomite which is a mined volcanic ash that has been micronized and provides many (67) trace minerals to the soil. We also use it as a feed additive and I believe it adds to the flavor of our meat and eggs. This spring we will also offer fertilizers from a company Midwest Bio Ag they are approved for organic use. The founder of the company Gary Zimmer helped shape my thinking into the "organic mind" I now have.


Bloomington Normal will be 2-5 as a long as it doesn't snow too much

Quad Cities the store Healthy Harvest Urban Gardens is supplied with our meat and usually eggs. It is a neat store and a good place to support.

Elgin, Arlington Heights, Downers Grove will be on the 10th please have your orders in by WEDNESDAY as Cherie is going on a field trip with Elijah on Friday and any late orders will be put together by Jeremy which will probably get goofed up. We will be short on eggs again this month.

Chicago Primal Gym- the organic farming conference MOSES in LaCrosse Wi is 2/22-24 so the delivery will be one of the following days 2/19,  2/20, 3/1, 3/2 I will let you know when it will be.

We've lowed Prices on some more beef products but the best deal is the 1/2 beef so get your orders in soon.

Thanks for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF




Posted 1/10/2018 9:19am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Winter remembered how to get cold! It makes life on the farm challenging in new ways. As always the weather is very important to our everyday life here on the farm. I have recently asked some people would they take a job if the pay was based not only on performance but also if the weather was favorable?

Challenges the below zero weather brings are: frozen water and hoses, gates can be very hard to open if they are frozen to the ground, eggs freeze and crack, the extra time to bundle up and walk around wearing extra clothes, and starting loaders and vehicles. We have been able to manage fairly well from the farmer perspective. The animals for the most part have done quite well, although the goal moves more to maintaining rather than gaining weight.

I have updated the inventory on the website on our items, I know it is late. Eggs are limited due to production challenges. If you are wanting a case of eggs place your order and put in the notes that you want a case. The cases may be 10 dozen rather than 15 dozen so that everyone can get some. The price for the cases will be a little higher as we cover costs.

For beef I've lowered ground beef and stew meat and kept the roast price at $7.50. Also the price of half a beef is now $3.75 per pound of hanging weight plus processing. There is good supply but don't miss out on this deal. 

Place your order at

One of our goals is to provide Great food at a price that is fair to you and us. As we change our marketing and spend less time away from the farm we can charge less for our products especially when the quantity stays the same or goes up. 

One of the balancing acts we are trying to figure out is eggs production. For the year we probably produced just over what our demand was for the year. But some months production was close to 150% and other 50%, so please be patient with us as we try to figure that out.

Thanks for supporting our farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF

Posted 11/7/2017 10:35am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

I know this is on a lot of peoples minds:

Turkey Delivery Schedule 

Monday Nov 20 Frankfort 7-7:30pm corner of Oak and Kansas, Frankfort farmers market loction
Monday Nov 20 Peoria Noon pm. Crosssfit North Peoria 8002 N Sommer St
Tuesday Nov 21 Moline 4:30-5pm Great River Chiropractic
Tuesday Nov 21 Elgin 5-5:30pm 
Tuesday Nov 21 Arlington Heights 7:15-7:45pm 1602 W. Roanoke Dr.
Arlington Hts, IL 60004

Wednesday November 22 Chicago Primal Gym 1235w Belmont 9:40-10:20am

Wednesday Nov 22 Green City Market Peggy Notebeart Nature Museum 11am -Noon in the marina parking lot across the street
Wednesday Nov 22 Downer Grove 4-4:30pm Immanuel Lutheran Church
5211 Carpenter Street
(at Grove Street)

If you are wanting meat or eggs for the second Saturday deliveries please order them by Thursday at the latest. We may not have enough cases of flats for this delivery. They will be first ordered first served.


November, turkey, Thanksgiving, giving thanks.

Not long ago we had friends over for a meal and our guests were beginning a 28 day no complaining challenge. It has offered a different perspective to the way I sometimes view challenges in this life.  A similar idea is the verse "in everything give thanks." Last Sunday I overdid it, one of the things I did was run a 10K and now my right knee is a little sore. (I'm already on the uptick). Sunday morning my knee was fine and I didn't even think about my knee, no complaining but no being thankful either. As I was running I passed a guy that I'm sure didn't have right knee pain after the race. I can be sure because missing his leg from just above the knee down. So I can complain about my knee being sore, or I can forget to be thankful that I have a knee, but to do so is to miss so much. I wonder if someday we will able look back on our lives a realize how acute the danger was, that we were unaware of?

As I look back on the year for our family it has been in a very good way boring. While I know others whose each day is a challenge almost every day who would be thankful for the minor things I find myself complaining about. This year I have been reminded to be thankful in everything, for the time when everything is working without issue and to be thankful when life is hard. Mostly I have been reminded to be thankful for the one who will never leave me or forsake me.

Thank you for making our farm your farm,

Jeremy, Cherie and everyone at MHF


Posted 10/9/2017 9:55am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

Fall is in the air. Harvest has started. Days are getting shorter (daylight I know). Trees are changing colors. And the turkeys are growing fast, every night Cherie tucks them in (rounds up the ones outside and shuts the door to their barn) sometime with help from Elijah or I.

Here are some pictures and I got a video on the Meadow Haven Facebook page.

The pasture is sparse as we have less than one inch of rain the last 60 days.

Orders for turkeys and monthly orders can be placed at

Beef roasts are on sale for $7.50 per pound regularly $9.

Some pork items may be limited this month we will have good supply next month.

Orders above $75 dollars get a free stewing hen. I know i sound like a broken record but you need this hen to make the best stock. To cook, simmer for 24 hours on the stove or in the crock pot on low. Add salt, garlic, and onion, other vegetable to your taste. Store in the fridge or reduce and freeze in an ice cube tray. It seems like a lot of work but when someone is coming down with something good stock can help the body fight off an illness more quickly. We also have beef bones too for another great stock.

As the growing season comes to an end it is always a little sad for me. One thing that helps is that when we harvest if there is time and the rotation allows it we are replanting the field shortly after the harvest is complete in a field.

Thank you for supporting our farm!

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of MHF

Posted 9/6/2017 12:11pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

The calendar has flipped to September one thing that means is that the Field Day is coming up soon. On September 17th 10:30-3pm. You and your family are invited to join us on the farm for tours where we explain some of the things we do and why we do them in a particular way. Lunch will be provided from Noon till 1pm. Tickets are available on our website under the store tab. This will help us know how many to prepare for.

The growing season is starting to wind down which is kind of a sad time for me knowing that another year has passed but encouraging seeing what we have done and raised. Crop yields look as though they will be good and weed management continues to improve so those are both encouraging.

I have been able to spend more time on the farm which has helped me manage problems before they become too big. Also I'm learning to be a better instructor as a father helping our kids see things from a different perspective and make good choices in the home and on the farm.

If you need anything please order it from the store tab on the website Pork chops are still on sale for $8/pound. Stewing hens (which make the best stock) Are buy 5 get the sixth free. The broth can be frozen and saved this a great thing to have in the freezer before the cold season gets full blown.

Bloomington deliveries are on the second Monday this month with Labor day being on the first Monday

Thank you for being part of the farm as we all try to make a difference in our health and world,

Jeremy, Cherie and everyone else that helps keep MHF running





Posted 5/9/2017 2:33pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

I am reminded everyday why my favorite color is green.


The phrase life give birth to life, has been going through my mind. As I meditate on that thought. Some contrasts come up. Like how fragile life can be at times, and yet how determined life can be at other times.

Other times I wonder, how long we as a society will be satisfied with being sick? Especially with cancer. We treat it like it is something you catch like a cold or the flu. But even then we wash our hands and cover our mouths to prevent the spread of germs.

Nothing ever to prevent cancer. Like limiting toxins in our environment, eating clean food, knowing your farmer.

When we planted oats and peas this spring we spilled some as we filled the planter, these places where the seed is too thick are by far the tallest. In the picture there are further away it was hard to capture what i wanted in a picture. Now the crop is far too thick to produce a crop of seed but there was something inside all those seeds that caused them to get a great start. In some form Life.

Getting life from life herein lies the mystery many seek the answer to.

They say an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. Maybe there should be an asterisk by that statement to exclude cancer treatment.

We will have our regular deliveries this month except in Chicago. There is only one delivery per month now at the Chicago Primal gym. This delivery is open to everyone.

CSA can be picked up for the monthly delivery just order through the website





Posted 4/4/2017 8:54pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,


Do you know what April showers bring? Mud,mud mud. Not my Favorite but when you get half your spring in February this is the price you pay.

Alan and I were talking tounge in cheek the other day and we decided that if global warming brings a shorter winter and more grazing we are fine with it. Actually we agree that the weather is becoming more extreme and what we are doing to make the farm more sustainable will help our farm weather the storm so to speak.

We have started planting and have about half the oats and peas planted and one field of just peas for seed next year already planted. This is a picture of one of the peas that had germinated, with it bing so cold growth has been delayed some.

Soon we will have some 60-70 degree temps and things will really start growing.

Jeremy is feeling mostly better, thanks for your concern and prayers.

Cherie and Barb will be doing the run to Downers Grove, Elgin and Arlington Height this Saturday so please get your orders in SOON.

We are getting very low on chicken, that will be the case for a while.

Thanks so much for continuing to help us farm the right way.

Jeremy, Cherie and the rest of the farm




Posted 3/9/2017 9:35pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

This newsletter has been on my mind for some time. We will see how it translates to a screen.

Last month I asked what is the most important thing we raise on the farm? The answer is our family. I know it is the most important thing in your life too. Your family and their health. 

You also know that we have been looking for the right help to join us on the farm. Well as of right now we have not found them. With a new growing season upon us we have decided to make some changes. I (Jeremy) won't b doing the Green City Market once it moves back outdoors in May. Eight years is long enough I guess. Around 40 Saturdays a year. There were too many things not getting done the right way and the farm was not flourishing the way it should.

We will still have plenty of cattle and likely hogs, although they may be marketed to a more wholesale customer, like 1/2's and wholes. We wont raise as many meat chickens and we have fewer laying hens this year. Cherie and Barb will still be doing the Downers Grove, Elgin, and Arlington Heights second Saturday delivery. My deliveries to Bloomington and the Quad Cities won't Change for now.

I can see before the problem arises, the result of not getting something done all the way or done correctly on the farm. Might be a problem with the electric fence or weeds going to seed and i know I will have to just deal with it later.  As the kids are getting older they are able to help more on the farm. Nearly every week they get to be part of the egg washing crew, without a choice, and iI love that they are learning to work. But the marketing and delivery the way we have been doing them is compromising the time we need to spend as parents.

The market still remains good for commodities such as corn, soybeans, and black beans so we will help meet those demands by the market place. I am interested in raising food rather than commodities so we will move in that direction. Livestock is part of the way I understand the organic system to work, so they will always be a part of what we do. Who knows I even told my Dad I missed the milk cows the other day.  

We would love to stay your farmer. But if the changes that come about make it impossible find another good farmer and support them 100%

For Saturday's delivery try to get your order in before 9am. tomorrow so Cherie and Angie can get it packed.

If you need Azomite make sure and order it.

Place orders on the store tab on the website

If you are a Green City Market customer I"ll be at the museum through April. We possibly will do a monthly delivery at Chicago Primal Gym depending on the interest.

Thanks from the farm,

Jeremy and Cherie




Posted 12/7/2016 9:43am by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,


This will be a short newsletter as we have been busy and honestly I'm not great about doing computer stuff.

There is still time to place an order for this Saturday's delivery in Elgin, Arlington Heights, and Downers Grove if this applies to you. Order at on the store tab.

Harvest has wrapped up. Chores have gotten tougher with the mud and cold. I will clean some black beans for Cherie's deliveries this weekend, she will have what I get cleaned with her.

We are a little short on beef and out of ground beef. Should be ok on pork except bacon. The locker and I still haven't been able figure out how to work together smoothly yet, new ownership at the locker almost two years ago.

For the most part I've been very happy with how the farm is progressing in terms of soil health and yields. I still have things to work on like controlling weeds and grazing pastures when they are ready. While marketing has me drained.

I have been working on a year end summary in my head and sometime soon it will make you inbox.

Thanks for helping your farm grow,


Here are some good pictures,