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Posted 5/2/2016 1:13pm by Jeremy House.

Howdy from the farm,

The farm is springing to life. The early warm temps mixed witht the recent rains has everything green and growing. Another of my favorite non-holidays has come, that is the day when pastures are growing faster than the cows and everybody is eating them, which was one of the days this past week or so.

This is from this morning. I went out and moved the wire so this group could graze fresh grass. This has to be done more often during periods of wet soils, as they don't mow nicely from one end of the pasture to other.

I have been keeping you updated on one of our fields. It along the road to the east. One the map from the facebook post a few months back it is field A. Here is a picture of the roots from the triticale (a cross between wheat and rye) planted the day after soybean harvest last November 

Notice the soil sticking to the roots. This shows a many things but a couple are: Where the soil is clinging to the roots shows the aerobic zone (oxygen present). While I'm always looking to improve this it is at least 4" and I think will get deeper as the season goes along. More importantly it shows the plant is translocating sugars to the roots where the biological life can really flourish. There are more microbes, in number, in that root ball than humus on this planet. So one of our main goals is to give them as much to "eat" as they please, this will result in building more humus. We are turning carbon di-oxide into "soil" and storing it there. At the same time we are grazing the triticale so we benefit from the forage and the manure helps build the soil as well.

Our special this month is going to be a little different. We no longer have a egg shortage. So we will give a dozen of the pullet eggs (from the new chickens) to every new customer and to every customer who sent someone new our way. Just have your friends order from the website on the store tab. (Payments can be done by paypal or at pick-up, we accept cash, credit or checks). During the checkout process there is a section for notes just have your friend put your name and that this is their first time ordering.

Also the CSA is open for signup or renewal. It gives a really good value 12-15 pound of meat generally, for $110 per month for three months. It is a good mix of the pastured pork, chicken,turkey and grass fed beef. More details online. Other than buying the meat in bulk, like 1/4's or 1/2 beef or 1/2 or whole pig the CSA is the best value we have. Signup is on the CSA tab at for the CSA and the bulk options are under the beef or pork section on the store tab. Pickup times and locations are listed there as well.

Something for our customer who shop the Green City market. Harvest Runner will be offering home delivery within a 3 mile radius of the market. There will soon be an app with which orders can be placed and delivery will be done by uber delivery or a service similar. So if the weather stinks or you cant make it out to the market for some reason we can get your meat and eggs delivered. The facebook page is up and running HarvestRunner. Website is with an app soon to follow. This is still very new to both of us so we may have a few bugs to work out but we are excited to offer a new way to shop.

Peoria customers we are working out the details for this months drop. Info coming soon.

One last picture of one of our best helpers. Not many of you probably read the Hoard"s Dairyman but they use to carry a cartoon of a husband and wife. The wife was a skinny little thing in oversized boots, this picture reminds me of it.

Someday this kid may be running the show around here.

Thanks for making our farm yOUR fam,

Jeremy and the rest of MHF

Posted 10/16/2012 8:54am by Ame.

We at Meadow Haven Farm are very excited about our new website!  In the future, Jeremy will be posting here to tell you a bit about the farm.

In the meantime, here is our little piglet who has figured out how to escape his mum and wander around the farm.


and our new little kittens who are learning how to be great mousers.