Bulk Pork Orders

People say they can most taste the flavor difference in the pork from conventionally raised confinement meats. We get our “feeder pigs” when they’re about 40-50 pounds, from an organic Amish farmers in Iowa. On our farm, they roam freely - grazing and playing on organic pasture land.

Our pork is processed and inspected at a family owned, organic meat processor. We have a great relationship with them and are able to work with them to provide you custom selections.

Half Costs:
A half share of pork will yield approximately 75 to 100 pounds of freezer meat.
  1/2 meat hanging weight (100 to 130 pounds) x $3.50 = $350.00 - $455.00
  Plus Processing $100.00   - $135.00   approx
  Total $450.00 - $590.00

Typical Half Share

  • Chops, 1" thick: 12 packages (2 pieces to a package)
  • Shoulder steaks, 1/2" thick: 4 packages (2 to a package)
  • Shoulder Roasts: 2 (approx 3 pounds each)
  • Ribs: 1 slab
  • Neck bones: 1 package
  • Ham and Hock (smoked, fresh or ground): 30 lbs (custom cut)
  • Bacon and jowl bacon: 10-13 pounds
  • Trimmings for Sausage:
        can be made into breakfast sausage, Italian sausage, brats, or ground pork

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For pricing and availability please contact Jeremy @ 815-303-6223


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