How We farm

It all starts with soil. Soil that has the proper structure and nutrients to grow healthy crops. Soil in good tilth that is loamy and rich in minerals and organic matter. We are an Organically Certified farm, which means we do not use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (all those nasty  "-cides), or chemical man-made fertilizers. Our animals are not certified organic, some of the reasoning is this. We would need to have an all the animals processed at an organic processor (none in our are) all sale and inventory would require documentation, and we feed transitional hay to the beef as we transition more farm ground and use mostly hay to do this. Luckily we have built-in soil fertility and rich sources of added nutrients through our animal manures.  We also apply extra calcium and other elements in natural mined forms, along with approved trace mineral amendments. We work to have the soils nutrient rich to produce healthy crops and pastures to feed our animals which feed us and our customers.



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