Free Range Turkey

2017 Turkey Delivery Days:


Frankfort - November 20 7-7:30pm corner of Oak and Kansas Farmers Market location

Peoria - November 20 Noon Crossfit North Peoria 8002 N Sommer

Moline - November 21 4:30-5pm Great River Chiropractic


Elgin - November 21 5-5:30pm 136 Brookside drive, Elgin Illinois 60123

Arlington Heights - November 21 7:15-7:45pm 1602 W. Roanoke Dr.
Arlington Hts, IL 60004


Chicago Primal Gym- November 22 9:40-10:20am 1235w Belmont

Chicago Green City Market Indoor Location November 22 Across the street at the Marina Lot 11-Noon

Downers Grove - November 22 4-4:30pm Immanuel Lutheran Church

5211 Carpenter Street

I wish I could say turkeys are smart, but I can't.  Personable, yes, but not very brainy.  Jeremy loves to call to them when he goes to take care of them and they call and gobble right back.  We mostly raise turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but  have whole birds and"parts" into the new year.  Ask if you want some.

The only certified organic poultry processor in Illinois has dropped his certification, so even though the birds are raised entirely in a certified organic manner, on our certified organic pastures, they will not be able to be labeled "certified organic" starting in 2013.   Anyone want to start a business?
  **You can preorder your turkey here. **

Please contact Jeremy via email  or 815-303-6223 for individual item availability


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